In the midst of this Thanksgiving season, you are brought to the forefront of our mind. Your generosity has been a constant encouragement, and has changed thousands of lives in Guatemala this year. The challenges, needs, and constant work that is laid before us each day cannot happen apart from your gifts and generosity. 



Cyclical, a term that often carries a negative connotation is a very present concept in the villages of Guatemala. The hardship of poverty and the cycle that it births is so embedded within the framework of how these communities function, it is hard to even locate the roots of this desperate issue.



He Taught Us

It is the greatest question in life: “What is my purpose?”

We all ask it at some point, it is human to wonder at the reason for our creation, the beginning of our search for God. It causes us to process and decifer what the intentions of our Creator was when He decided to breathe life into […]

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These Days

Our volunteer program is a unique way to experience the ministry of Hope of Life. Volunteers come to serve with us for extended periods of time, typically for a few weeks up to a few months. Every volunteer that comes to serve at Hope of Life is given daily tasks, and our goal is to help […]

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Oasis de Eden

All around the world growing old is a privilege, a time of great reflection and joy as a person sees the fruit of their lives expand and grow. Whether that is from their success, or in their families, or through the hard work and labor of their life. Scripture even talks of how it is […]

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The Rescue of Easter

In life we have rare and unique opportunities to see the Gospel exemplified in real ministries. Our child rescue program is one of those opportunities where we’re afforded a glimpse of what Christ did for us when he sacrificed everything on the cross. As we go into the celebration of Semana Santa, the Holy Week […]

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