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Little People Can Do Big Things!

It is often said that “kids say the darndest things”, but—they also have the most amazing ideas!  At Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia- a Pre-K class had the question, “where does water go after we flush the potty?”  They then began to learn about the properties of water, the water cycle, how water travels […]

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It’s Never Too Early for Christmas!

It feels as if Christmas was only a few weeks ago.  It is such a special time of the year, but for many in Guatemala it’s not a celebration—its’ just another day without hope.

Fortunately, through Christmas Hope Bag, you can share the joy of Christmas with a child who otherwise may not receive a single […]

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Now Comes the Hard Part

Below is a story written by one of our sponsors, Loretta Yeager, about how sponsorship has impacted her life.


Most people who have been on mission trips will tell you it changed their lives. My husband  and I are no different.  We belong to Connection Church in Canton Michigan which made the […]

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We are Defenders of Childhood

Often we talk about rescuing or sponsoring children as separate actions, however, our intentions are not to “save” children from their current situations, but to defend their right to be children. Giving children the ability to grow, learn, and ultimately thrive, so they can become the adults they rightful deserve to be.

The opportunities we give […]

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Rescue Changes Lives

Below one of our very own staff members in Guatemala,  Catherine highlights  the experiences she had during her first rescue mission this past month.

My name is Catherine Milian. I am the director of the Sponsorship Program in Guatemala. I have been working for Hope of Life for almost 8 years and have dedicated […]

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