It’s Never Too Early for Christmas!

It feels as if Christmas was only a few weeks ago.  It is such a special time of the year, but for many in Guatemala it’s not a celebration—its’ just another day without hope.

Fortunately, through Christmas Hope Bag, you can share the joy of Christmas with a child who otherwise may not receive a single […]

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These Days

Our volunteer program is a unique way to experience the ministry of Hope of Life. Volunteers come to serve with us for extended periods of time, typically for a few weeks up to a few months. Every volunteer that comes to serve at Hope of Life is given daily tasks, and our goal is to help […]

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The Fullness

Everyone comes to Hope of Life with a different purpose. Some come to build churches. Others come to build houses and feed the hungry. Others come to rescue children.

Dr. Matison was not entirely sure what purpose he would serve on his trip this week, but he knew the reason he was drawn to come.

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