Sponsorship—Hope For The Future

Guatemala is home to thousands of children who live in extreme poverty. These precious children and their families lack access to even basic necessities, such as food, clean water, shelter, and medical aid. Thankfully, through the continued support of our sponsors, we are able to provide life-saving aid to over 1,300 children currently in our […]

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Make a difference while you shop with Amazon!

Did you know you can change the life of a child in Guatemala this Christmas, simply by doing your holiday shopping? […]

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Little People Can Do Big Things!

It is often said that “kids say the darndest things”, but—they also have the most amazing ideas!  At Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia- a Pre-K class had the question, “where does water go after we flush the potty?”  They then began to learn about the properties of water, the water cycle, how water travels […]

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