Haiti Sponsorship

With Your Gift of Sponsorship…

…you change a child’s life forever.

Haiti is home to thousands of orphans.

Many have lost parents, grandparents and siblings in their short lives. We are blessed to introduce our sponsorship program in Haiti. The children are located in orphanages in 8 different regions in Haiti, including Thiotte, Delmas, Acaye, Cabague, Petion Vil, Port Au Prince and Guadebuque. Each one has only known abandonment. Most don’t have enough food. Very few have a home. Even fewer will get an education. None has any hope – until now.

Your sponsorship gift of $35 a month will completely transform the life of an orphan who has nothing today. Your gift will give them a home. A loving family around them, food and medical care.

Through your help, your sponsored child can rise up. Become part of a new generation of promise. Of achievable dreams. You will see changes in their life right away.

We want you to see for yourself how your gifts are changing the life of your sponsored child, and transforming the community they live in.