Kelly’s House Sponsorship

Bring life and joy to an exceptional child…

…sponsor a child with disabilities.

More than 40 children are living in Kelly’s House today.

Each one has severe physical or mental disabilities and needs a sponsor like you. These exceptional children who have only known desperate poverty and loneliness, can now find companionship, love, support and care here – through your sponsorship gift of just $35 a month.

Those affected by special needs, developmental disorders and physical disabilities suffer worst in impoverished rural communities. Children with special needs are often even dying from a lack of nutrition, resources, therapies and medicines that could save their lives.

Through your gift of sponsorship, a child can thrive and develop at Kelly’s House, in ways they could only dream of before.

When you sponsor one of the Kelly’s House children, you will be giving an exceptional child the opportunity to hope for the future. Your kind support will provide the kindness and care of staff members, specialist therapies and equipment, good nutrition, the medicine they need, and a safe and loving home. Your decision to sponsor just one will transform their daily life and give them the joy they have been searching for!

What is Kelly’s House?

Kelly’s House is dedicated to the memory of Kelly Loveland Gourley who lost her battle with cancer, and whose family provided significant support for its construction. This home provides for the needs of one of the most marginalized populations in Central America, those who live with developmental and physical disabilities. Kelly’s House provides daily needs, therapies, nutrition, support, care and love to these exceptional children.
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