Water Saves Lives

98% of water sources in Guatemala are contaminated with parasite, refuse, and trash.

Because of this, everyday thousands of people contract life-threatening diseases from the water they drink.  They have no choice.  Dirty and contaminated water is all they have to drink.

Children are the most vulnerable to these water-born diseases.  Children like Jorvin, who walks to the river nearby his village to collect water everyday—knowing it will make him and his family sick.  This story could be told about countless children in the rural mountains of Guatemala.  They are poor, sick, and hopeless. 

But today, you can help!  Thankfully, it only costs $1 to deliver clean and disease-free water to a child like Jorvin for an entire year!

Water saves lives!   Your gift today will provide a child like Jorvin with clean, disease-free water—making sure he does not get sick.

Will you provide clean water to a child with your gift today?  Jorvin and children just like him need your help to be saved from the devastating effects of drinking dirty, contaminated water.

Look at the incredible impact your gift will have:

• $30 provides clean water to 30 people for a year!

• $50 provides clean water to 50 people for an entire year!

• Your generous gift of $150 will provide clean, disease-free water to an entire village of 150 people for a full year!

Your gift will keep children like Jorvin from getting sick by installing wells in their village, giving them access to clean and disease-free water year round!

Your generosity will also give each child an overall better quality of life.

You see, clean water will keep them healthy—giving them the ability to attend school and get an education—teaching them the skills to better their communities—and in turn contribute to the transformation of Guatemala!

Be a part of this transformation.  Imagine the children in some of the villages you have visited with us. Healthy.  Running round.  The joy on their faces.  All of it from having clean water!

Our team is ready to begin installing wells this fall, before children go back to school in January—all that is needed are the funds to do it.

To give please click here.

Today, you can change the life of a children in Guatemala, bringing transformation to an entire nation—and it all start with clean water. Water saves lives!