With a Christmas Hope Bag you can share the love of God and the Gospel with a child who otherwise may not receive a single Christmas gift!

Want to know how to send a Christmas Hope Bag?

“It is a way for us who partner with Hope of Life to know exactly WHERE and WHO our Christmas Bags are going to, not only that- but it is a real-life, practical way to share the love of God.”

-Pastor Kevin, Fincastle Baptist Church

Christmas Hope Bags have been bringing joy, the love of God, and the Gospel to thousands of children every year- because of you!

Many families cannot afford to give even one of their children a gift at Christmas time, Christmas Hope Bags can change that! Even more, it can give children access to the Gospel through small Bibles, and gifts that share the story of salvation.

This year, with your help Christmas joy can be brought to one more child!

How to Send a Christmas Hope Bag

  • Choose to help a boy or girl between the ages of 3-12.
  • Fill a medium 10×14 shoebox with gifts.
  • Include the label provided here, with the child’s age and gender, and $5 for shipping costs.
  • Mail the box to Hope of Life International:

125 Sockanosset Cross Road, Suite B. Cranston, RI 02920

  • We will then use your gifts to fill a Christmas Hope Bag and deliver it to a child in need on your behalf!

Things to Remember

  • Please make sure all of your gifts fit into one 10×14 inch box per child.
  • If you want to fill 10 or more bags, we can ship the bags directly to you to fill!
  • Call us to see if there is a pick up/drop off location in your area!
  • Don’t forget to include a $5 gift for shipping!
  • Send in your gifts by September 30th each year to guarantee delivery by Christmas!
  • Please place liquid based items in a ziploc bag to reduce the possibility of spillage.
  • Please do not send: Shampoo or Conditioner, candies that can melt, perishables, fragile items, medicines, cough drops, nut products.

Gift Ideas

  • Hygiene Items: Toothpaste, soap, band-aids, hair clips, etc.