When you give water, you give life!

Across Guatemala, dirty water is making children sick, and as a result thousands die every year.

However, when you provide clean, disease-free waterlives are saved.

Because just $1 gives one child a lasting source of clean water for a full year, your gift of $30 will help dozens of people, even bring health to a whole village.

Families face an urgent need, because more than 98% of water sources  in Guatemala are contaminated with refuse, and human and animal waste. The resulting worms, parasites, and bacteria cause diseases including malaria, typhoid, and cholera. Diarrhea alone causes both malnutrition and dehydrationif severe, it can kill a child within days.

Just $1 will provide clean, disease-free water for an entire year!

Clean Water for a Village

Jose’s Story

With a swollen belly and disease taking over his whole body, Jose had lost hope.

At just 8 years old, Jose had to wonder where his next sip of water would come from, and if it would make him sicker. His family wondered if he would ever recoverthey knew he would die without clean water. That was until a well was built in his village, giving his access to clean water for the first time ever.

Your gift today will help drill clean water wells in some of the most desperate communities in the mountains of Guatemala. The clean water you provide through your generosity will give a child like Jose a new life!

Change a life, just like Jose’s!

Your gift to provide clean, disease-free water will save lives, but you’ll also do more than that. Communities that have access to clean water have improved lives. School attendance goes up and families can raise children that aren’t held back by constant sickness and stomach pain.

Jose is healthy again but thousands of families are still waiting for life-saving clean water.