Your Love in Action

When you join with Hope of Life to forever change the lives of people in need, you are part of a powerful strategy that is impacting thousands and will transform entire countries.

A Single Focus

Your love and support will change the lives of men, women and children, who face some of the harshest poverty on earth. There are many other needs in the world and billions of people who are desperate, but God is calling us to do what we can in His name among the most vulnerable.

We believe this work shows His love to people who will be profoundly impacted by your compassion and care.

An Active Outreach

Hope of Life never waits for people to ask for help. Your gift reaches out actively to people who might not even know that someone cares for them—people who do not ask for help because they think that no help would come, that no one would care.

We invite you to join us and visit Guatemala and see for yourself the surprise and joy people feel when they learn that you care deeply for them, and want to heal and help them.

Total Transformation

Your gift never meets only physical needs—in everything you do, you are giving the Bread of Life and Living Water to people facing incredibly deep spiritual hunger and thirst. Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”

This means sharing all of God’s gifts with people in need—both the bounty of His creation, and His everlasting, life-transforming love.