Transform an Entire Village!

The Total Village Transformation program is changing dozens of impoverished villages by building projects, providing aid, and starting sponsorship programs which are allowing communities to thrive!

Transforming a village has impact in every area of life.

Clean water wells are helping to restore health, church buildings are sharing the Gospel, vocational center and schools are building futures for each person and allowing the local economy thrive, and so much more!

Imagine losing your home and all of you have in a landslide or flood, without insurance or any help.

Imagine growing up in a community where there is no school, clean water, or jobs.

Imagine raising your children without the ability to let them dream for their future, only for the next day’s food.

How your gift makes a difference with Total Village Transformation:

Your family, church, or business can sponsor a village that is in desperate need of transformation.

Your support right now can have a radical effect on families that either have nothing – or have lost everything. You’ll help build homes for families, schools, churches, and wells to supply safe, clean water.

Each project that is built and implemented in the village you work in will be evaluated for the exact needs specific to their community.

Projects like these:

The need is urgent. Until Hope of Life has the funds to help, parents with infants and toddlers have no choice but to live in makeshift homes built from whatever they can find – plastic bags, sticks, discarded tin, cardboard and bits of wood.

Because of massive storms and floods that destroyed homes, followed by years of drought, these desperately poor people were not only homeless but they were going hungry.

Through your support, Hope has Life reached out with food and transforming support to dozens of villages – but thousands of rural communities are still in dire need of help.