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Sponsoring an individual can be confusing- we know that. This kind of generosity comes with many questions, ranging from “How does my sponsorship help this child?” to “What kind of community is my child in?”

Here are our most commonly asked questions regarding sponsoring a child, if you do not see an answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!

Sponsorship is the opportunity to make a change in the life of a child, their family, and a community in need. It’s the ability to make them a special person in your life, as well as you in theirs. You’ll have the opportunity to take the journey alongside your sponsored child to see them grow, thrive, and excel in life with the help of God.

A Hope of Life Sponsor is hope. Hope for a special person to have the opportunities to achieve a better life. A chance to receive the guidance to openly see His love and faith. A provider of clothes, food, medical care, and opportunity for education. A Hope of Life Sponsor is a demonstration of God and his love for the world, the least of these.

With your monthly donation, your special person will be given school supplies, have access to healthcare, clean water, nutritious food, moral and spiritual support, and the hope of a more stable community.

Hope of Life requests that all monetary gifts be sent to Hope of Life directly and not to your special person. We do our best to protect you as the sponsor, and the well-being of your sponsored child. It can be dangerous for them, and dangerous for you.

Choosing to become a sponsor is a lifetime commitment; however the sponsorship depends on many different factors. Their health, their needs, and their presence in the community.

The staff at Hope of Life instill His beliefs in everyday teachings, sayings, and actions. We teach them that everything we do is for Him. Through prayer and faith, we instill the want to help others and be a better person.

Hope of Life creates opportunities to help our sponsored children and families become self-sufficient. The solution to their situation of poverty is change, not money. By providing them with help through agricultural projects, homemade craft classes, schooling, and water resources, it is giving them the stepping stones they need to provide a better future for themselves.

When a child enters our sponsorship program, they are given the tools they need for a successful education experience. In Guatemala free public school is only provided up until grade 6. Once a child moves into High School, the family must pay fees. Some families can afford it, and our school supplies help foster this ability. However, some families cannot afford it and thus children often start helping at home instead of going to school. Your sponsorship does not cover the fees necessary for school. If you are interested in providing an educational sponsorship for your child each year, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinators for more information at 401-421-9078!

Absolutely! We make sure everyone receives every gift, letter, or item that you send. It is important to us to pass on the generosity that you as a sponsor are sending to them. When they receive their item, a staff member photographs them with their gift. We then send that over to you and your family so you can enjoy the smile that’s being given to you!

The process of selecting children for the program starts with communication between the village leader and our sponsorship staff. The village leader provides us with the information on the children and their families and their lack of resources. The sponsorship staff then goes in and retrieves information about them and takes their picture as part of entering them into our program. It’s then up to people like you, to make a difference in their lives by sponsoring them!

Individuals in our sponsorship program can be sponsored more than once, however we attempt to match sponsors with those who are still in need of sponsorship so they can create a unique relationship with that individual!

We also believe in building sustainable and stable programs at Hope of Life. To achieve that with our sponsorship program, at times individuals may be sponsored more than once so if any sponsors needs to step out of the program for unforeseen reasons, the financial support is not drastically effected!

Of course! We encourage our sponsors to partake in our correspondence program! They love receiving letters and pictures from their sponsors! It shows them how much you care and that you are there for them! It is the start of a beautiful friendship between you and your sponsored child.
Note: We do monitor the content of letters to protect their well-being and the sponsors. It is in our best interest to keep everyone happy and most of all, safe.

Yes! When they receive a gift or package, they are always so delighted! Only certain gifts or packages are not allowed: candies that melt, perishables, fragile items, medicines, cough drops, nut products, and electronics of any kind. Aside from what’s not allowed there is no limit to how many items or size you would like to send!

Having the opportunity to meet your sponsored child is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that we would love to provide you with! When you come to Hope of Life we make sure that they are brought to the campus to see you or that if they live on campus that you have the opportunity to see them as much as possible.

Each year, you will receive two updates a year. One mid-year and another at Christmas. What you will receive is a report with some of their favorite things, a handwritten message, and a picture they drew especially for you. Along with this amazing report, you will receive a picture of your special person! They want you to know about them, just as much as you want them to know about you.

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