Still have questions about Sponsorship? We have the answers!

We know Sponsorship can be confusing – but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re wondering things like “How does sponsorship really help this child?” or “What kind of community is my child living in?” you’ve come to the right place!

Read on below to find answered to are our most commonly asked questions regarding Sponsorship, and if you still don’t find an answer to  your question, please reach out to us by phone or email. 

Sponsorship is the opportunity to make a change in the life of a child, their family, and a community in need. It’s the ability to make them a special person in your life, as well as you in theirs. You’ll have the opportunity to take the journey alongside your sponsored child to see them grow, thrive, and excel in life with the help of God.

A Hope of Life Sponsor is hope. Hope for a special person to have the opportunities to achieve a better life. A chance to receive the guidance to openly see His love and faith. A provider of clothes, food, medical care, and opportunity for education. A Hope of Life Sponsor is a demonstration of God and his love for the world, the least of these.

With your monthly donation, your special person will be given school supplies, have access to healthcare, clean water, nutritious food, moral and spiritual support, and the hope of a more stable community.

Hope of Life requests that all monetary gifts be sent to Hope of Life directly and not to your special person. We do our best to protect you as the sponsor, and the well-being of your sponsored child. It can be dangerous for them, and dangerous for you.

Choosing to become a sponsor is a lifetime commitment; however the sponsorship depends on many different factors. Their health, their needs, and their presence in the community.

The staff at Hope of Life instill His beliefs in everyday teachings, sayings, and actions. We teach them that everything we do is for Him. Through prayer and faith, we instill the want to help others and be a better person.

Hope of Life creates opportunities to help our sponsored children and families become self-sufficient. The solution to their situation of poverty is change, not money. By providing them with help through agricultural projects, homemade craft classes, schooling, and water resources, it is giving them the stepping stones they need to provide a better future for themselves.

When a child enters our sponsorship program, they are given the tools they need for a successful education experience. In Guatemala free public school is only provided up until grade 6. Once a child moves into High School, the family must pay fees. Some families can afford it, and our school supplies help foster this ability. However, some families cannot afford it and thus children often start helping at home instead of going to school. Your sponsorship does not cover the fees necessary for school. If you are interested in providing an educational sponsorship for your child each year, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinators for more information at 401-421-9078!

Yes. We use a multi-step validation process to track every donation through the Sponsorship Program – including your letters and packages for your child. It is important to us to pass on the generosity that you as a sponsor are sending to your Sponsored child or senior. The contents of every package are recorded – both in the US and in Guatemala (before and after shipment). When children and seniors receive correspondence or gifts, our Field Staff snaps a photo, which we send over to you and your family so you can enjoy the smile that’s being given to you!

The process of selecting children for the program starts with communication between Village Leaders and our Sponsorship Field Staff. The Village Leader provides us with information on community families and their level of need. We pair that with scholastic information from the local schools. Students who exhibit the greatest need in combination with scholastic achievement, are highlighted for entry into the Sponsorship Program. All potential families are invited to an informational meeting, during which we explain our program – how we support families and what participation is expected in return. After answering all community questions, each family electively enrolls their child, and we’re off! Support beings the next calendar month – for ALL enrolled children (regardless of Sponsor-match).

It’s then up to people like you and your own family to visit our website to browse for a child or senior to support through Sponsorship!

Most children in our village Program have only one Sponsor – though in some rare instances, one child may more than one Sponsor. There are also instances where one child will a special scholarship Sponsor (one that supports only educational scholarship). With 4,700 children in our program at any given time, we are always in need of Sponsors. For perspective: it is much more common to have a village child with no sponsor than to have a child with two Sponsors.

In our Campus programs – Kelly’s House, Oasis de Eden, and St. Luke’s – these children and seniors with significant needs have up to three Sponsors: this allows us to spread more joy to our resident patients and raise support for a greater portion of their ongoing needs.