Rescue a child on the brink of death!

In the hills and remote communities of Guatemala thousands of children are clinging to their lives. Malnutrition and preventable diseases weaken them each day. Their parents are too poor to help thembut you can rescue a child and nurse them back to health.

Each new day brings the urgent need to rescue a little one whose life hangs in the balance.

Support like yours answered over 3,000 emergency calls last year, but more children need urgent care right now.

Your gift will rescue a child by sending a trained team into some of the most remote communities of Guatemala, to find those who can only survive if they receive emergency help!

Rescue teams use trucks, boats, donkeys, ambulances, and their loving arms to carry sick children to the hospital. Please send a team now, that can bring a child urgent medical care while others work in their village to wipe out hunger and disease with sustainable clean water, food, and hope for the future.

Be the lifeline for a little one that needs your help!

Rescue a Child in Guatemala

Leiser’s Story

Many mothers fear that no help will come if they raise the alarm that their child is illso they wait until it is almost too late. Little Leiser was only 10 months old and terribly malnourished, when a team reached his home 3 hours away in Lela Obaje. Because of his father’s meager income the family struggles to survive in a tiny home with a tin roof and a dirt floor.

Leiser was rushed to the hospital for emergency care because of support like yours.

Rescue a child, just like Leiser!

The families you’ll reach live in such remote areas, the average cost to send a care team and rush a child safely to a hospital is $1,200, but your gift of any amount will help save a child’s life today.

Your gift will bring a child urgent medical care, and you’ll help their village wipe out hunger and disease with sustainable clean water, food, and hope for the future.

Leiser is just one of the many lives being saved every year, but there are thousands more waiting to be rescued!