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When you decide to be come a sponsor though Hope of Life you are choosing to change the life of someone in need—giving them hope for the future.  Your small monthly gift will provide your sponsored person with nutritious food, clean water, shelter, medical aid, school supplies, and more.  

There are hundreds of children and individuals waiting to be sponsored by someone just like you!

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Send a Christmas Hope Bag!

Did you know a small, nylon backpack filled with toys can be a tool capable of impacting a child’s life forever? Through Christmas Hope Bags, you can share the love of God and the gospel with a child who otherwise may not receive a single Christmas gift.

With only $30 you can provide a bag filled with toys, a bible, and other holiday items—sharing the gospel with precious children in a practical way.

Will you send in your gift today?

How Your Support Makes an Impact

Every day thousands of children go hungry in the mountains of Guatemala due to poverty and drought.

However, this year alone, you will help feed over 1.5 million people through our programs.

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Did you know that just $1 can provide clean water to a child for 1 year?

Thousands of lives have been saved, because of your generous giving to clean water projects!

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You can be the lifeline to a child who is desperate for help in the mountains of Guatemala.

Dirty water, malnutrition, and disease are ravaging the next generation- but you can change that!

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Hope of Life has the best opportunities to serve and minister in Guatemala. I love every facet of the ministry and look forward to returning every year! I stay connected with financial support, social media updates, and child sponsorship!
Carla Jones, Wesleyan Christian Academy
 Such poverty and such isolation is hard to deal with, and Hope of Life is providing desperately needed medical care to such isolated communities, it is a privilege to be able to work with them.
Glen Land, Rivermont Avenue Baptist
After twenty years sending ocean-freight containers I can say that I have never experienced a mission that is willing to actually do more than they promise. What a delightful surprise. Their work breaks you heart.
Jeanie Kellet, METAD
If the Lord is leading you to go on a mission trip, I highly recommend Hope of Life in Zacapa, Guatemala. Now on my 8th trip, there are a myriad of opportunities to serve, individually, as a family as part of a group. You will be blessed more than you can imagine.
Trish Holloway, Christ Community Church
Hope of Life International Work Area

Where we work

In 2009, Guatemala was declared to be in a “state of public calamity” bringing attention to the severe hunger crisis that has been sweeping the nation ever since.

Hope of Life is located in Eastern Guatemala, where severe malnutrition is a result of adverse weather, poor soil, and the global economic turndown. In this area, it is estimated that over 54,000 people go hungry on a daily basis.  With a chronic undernutrition rate of nearly 50%, this makes Guatemala the most undernourished country in Latin American and the fourth highest in the world.

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