Give a home and family to an orphaned child

Finding a new loving new home for an orphan can be an impossible task in impoverished communities in Guatemala.

A child without parents needs protection, healthy meals, education, a place to sleepbut most of all love.

Through your support, children can find an endless supply of this love at The Village of Transformation. This incredible project unites up to eight orphaned children with a loving family, all doing life together in the same home. Adoptive moms and dads are offering inexhaustible encouragement and caresharing laughter, tears, and the important life lessons only a parent can teach.

Many of the children who live in the Village of Transformation were abused, abandoned, had no place to call home, and no one to call a family.

The vision of this project is to give these children a place to belong- a place in which they would no longer be called orphans.

Through the kindness and generosity of friends like you, Hope of Life is dedicated to supporting these families. The result of your giving will be to ensure each and every child has the chance to grow up strong in the Lord and knowing they are deeply loved.

Your gift today can change the lives of children who have no other chance to grow up strong and healthy in a loving home.

You are providing opportunities to these children…

The opportunity to connect with a real family.

The opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord.

The opportunity to understand that even amidst difficulty, there is hope for their future.

Sandra’s Story

“Being able to live in a home with a family has excited me so much, to have the opportunity to trust them without fear, to have family time like any other child, and to have parents who help us and treat us like their own children is what makes me so happy.”

“I do not just like my new home- I love it, because now we are living comfortable as a family, on whom I can rely on at any time. I also love that I can see how happy all of the other children are in our home. I love the warmth of family that we all share. This new place is like a mansion for us, a home where every child has their own place. It is a place that is blessed by God. A place where you can observe the joy and love of God in every child.”

Many children who previously did not have a home, now are part of a familybut there are daily needs which need to be provided!