“My inheritance will not be money; it will be a legacy which is a treasure in God’s eyes.”

– Carlos Vargas

The Story of Hope of Life

The mission of Saving Lives has always been the heartbeat of the work we do. It is the theme that each and every staff recalibrates to every single day. Saving lives is what started every single project birthed in the last 30 years.

It was 1987, Carlos Vargas had returned to Llano Verde, Guatemala to live out what he thought were his final days. But it was in a deathbed deal with God, as he began helping the sick and needy who came to him for help, he dedicated his remaining days to fulfill this very mission.

The ministry started at the bottom of the mountain, on one acre of land, meeting the needs of elderly individuals who were homeless, abused, abandoned, and desperate.

Just 2 years later in 1989, Jose came to live on the mountain. A child who had no hope, heard crying in a small home, and a family that could not care for him–he was the beginning of our child rescue program, which has since seen over 25,000 children come through our treatment facilities.

And now, 30 years later this ministry which calls a 3,000 acre mountain home, is serving hundreds of thousands of people each year through physical and spiritual programs with one continuing goal: to Save Lives.

The work continues. Hunger and poverty continue to be hard enemies to face. However we have been blessed with an army of passionate invested partners and friends who are running into battle with us.

Partners just like you.

As we continue to race towards the future, we are blessed by the continual growth of Hope of Life. To date, we have been able to impact millions of lives and become a catalyst for change in the country of Guatemala through planting churches, leadership development, teaching values and principles, and creating sustainable economy through income producing projects.

Additionally, programs like sponsorship are facilitating change for thousands of children each year- encouraging them to become valuable members of society.

Water wells, family homes, vocational school, and churches are just a few of the ways that the projects we build are investing in these communities.

What started out as one elderly man, coming to live on this mountain- has turned into hundreds of orphans, dozens of special needs children, and hundreds of elderly individuals, all who have called Hope of Life home.