Every $1 of your gift ships $65 in aid.

Containers full of donated medicine and supplies are ready to ship!

Imagine seeing a child with a simple but life-threatening infection, that could be eliminated with antibiotics. Imagine a family who cannot purchase the medicine they need for even a simple headache or cold. Imagine the relief you can bring by simply giving them the aid they need.

Today, you can give a child the lifesaving medicine they need, sending 65 times the value for every $1 of your gift!

Today, a container bursting with vital, donated aid and supplies is sitting in the Hope of Life warehouse ready to ship to Guatemala and save lives.

We only need the funds to ship it.

Because every item in the container is donated by corporations, friends and partners Hope of Life can ship $65 worth of supplies for every $1 you sendmeaning every gift multiplies by 65!

When you send $25, your gift will ship $1,625 worth of medicine and aid. Or a gift from you of $40 will unlock $2,600 in value.

Send Emergency Aid to Guatemala

Inside the container you help to send are vital, lifesaving supplies like:

  • Antibiotics to stop infection
  • Medicines to eliminate life-threatening parasites
  • Surgical tools enabling doctors to save lives
  • Crutches, wheelchairs, and prosthetics to give people back their mobility
  • Blankets and hospital linens
  • Equipment, supplies and medicines to relieve pain and save lives

“After twenty years sending ocean-freight containers I can say that I have never experienced a mission that is willing to actually do more than they promise. What a delightful surprise. Their work breaks you heart.

-Jeanie Kellet, METAD

Your gift now will multiply by 65 to send more support and aid than you can imagine. It costs so little today to send lifesaving medicines and supplies to people who need them.