Our Founders

Cheryl and Carlos Vargas

Leading the Hope of Life team through exemplary hard work, passion, and dedication, Carlos and Cheryl’s dream of changing the world drives Hope of Life’s mission of saving lives. Starting the ministry 30 years ago, their compassion has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. Coming from an impoverished upbringing, to being named as the 3rd most influential Guatemalan, Carlos with Cheryl by his side, has never stopped striving to create a better Guatemala. The parents of 5 children, and grandparents to 7, they love to spend time with their family and look forward to how the Lord will bless their future generations.

Executive Leadership

Katie Arriaza

With a degree in accounting, a passion for hard work, and a thirsty entrepreneurial spirit- Katie Arriaza Vargas is known for consistently reaching new levels in everything she does. As President and CEO of Hope of Life International, she dreams of the opportunity to expand, grow, and assist thousands more in Guatemala. Under her direction for the last 10 years, the organization has grown exponentially with no sign of slowing down. While successfully navigating her Hope of Life commitments, Katie also has a successful personal business and is the mother of two wonderful sons. She loves spending time with her husband Oscar, and is passionate about being devoted to her family.


Lourdes Milian

Working with the Hope of Life team for over 15 years, Lourdes is part of Hope of Life’s foundation. Overseeing the daily ministry of Hope of Life’s Guatemala base- Esperanza de Vida, she manages over 400 staff with excellence and a solution-oriented approach. Constantly finding innovative ways to minister to thousands, she is responsible for obtaining numerous awards on behalf of Esperanza de Vida. With her passion for improving the efficiency of Esperanza de Vida, Lourdes has changed the future of Guatemala. In her time away from the ministry, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and participating in her local church activities.

Yuana Sutton

Acting as a diligent problem-solver for the organization, and currently filling the role as a detail oriented Chief Operating Officer for the home office- Yuana is an invaluable resource. Her careful observance of our financial elements and human resources has allowed for strategic growth and efficiency in our day-to-day processes, she has brought vital skills to our team. With her previous experience in management Yuana’s dedication to leading a team to excellence sets her apart. In her spare time she loves spending time with her husband and children and is a passionate native Texan.


Carlos Vargas Jr.

Passionate to carry on the legacy of Hope of Life international, Carlos Vargas Jr. works tirelessly to care for the needy of Guatemala.
Insightful not only in the executive business world, Carlos is gifted in making significant developmental connections. His role at Hope of Life is vital for foreign relations, successful business contacts, and creating the ability for Hope of Life to be self-sustaining. While he spends 75% of his time working with the ministry, Carlos likes to dedicate the rest of his time to spending time with his wife Silvia, and their new daughter Cheryl Luciana.


Henry Cordon

Utilizing his excellent skills in overseeing multiple areas at once, Henry has been the passion behind our project conceptualization and
implementation. Adapt at keeping up with our constant growth, as the Director of Projects, he has dedicated over 500 housing projects and over 400 water projects, alongside dozens of schools, churches, and community centers in the last 3 years. When he is not working throughout the local communities, Henry enjoys quality time with his family, loves soccer, and spends his free time riding extreme motocross in the mountains.