Give. Hope. Believe.

As we think of the joy the Christmas season brings to the world three things stand out to us above anything else. Generosity, belief, and love. The spirit of Christmas is rooted in hope, and that hope, when put to action generates abundant giving, tremendous belief, and a love that transforms.

No matter how small or large the gift you choose from our catalog, you will be a part of spreading that Christmas hope. Children who were hungry will have food, mothers who were sick will receive medicines, homes will be built and wells will be dug. This is the joy of giving- transforming lives!

When you select an item from this catalog you are creating the most impact possible for every dollar. This was strategic on our part, we want you to be able to see your generosity create the greatest change and help for those in need.

Thank you for being generous this holiday season. From the children and families in Guatemala- Merry Christmas!

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