By: Julie Nash

The first time I met this world changer was in 2010 and I had never met anyone with a more compassionate heart. She was crying over the poor and hungry children of Guatemala. Traveling with us in 112 degree heat to show us her heart for this country. She, along with her husband and family, were doing everything they could to help the sick, hungry, broken and hurting. I remember being down in the village one day and hearing the happy screams of a crowd of children. I looked up and saw a Polaris coming down the path with children riding, chasing and literally hanging off the sides of the vehicle.. so happy and full of joy as the driver was laughing with them. There are many people who want to make a name for themselves while there are those who want every child to know they have a name. Cheryl Vargas is one of those rare souls. She knows every child by name and calls each on of them her child. She has dedicated her life to the people of Guatemala and has instilled that vision in the hearts of her children and so many others. So today, on her birthday, I want to say thank you.. for sacrificing so many things to help save one more life. One day, I pulled up to the hospital and noticed she was crying. She was placing a casket, with the body of a young child inside who was now in the presence of Jesus, in to a truck. The call had come too late and a young mama was heartbroken. Cheryl was praying with the mom and making preparations that no young mom should have to make. Walking with her through that dark valley. I saw, in that moment, another side to this ministry and to this woman that I am blessed to call friend. This is what true compassion looks like. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, consoling the broken. So many similar stories of sacrificial moments. Not for the praise of men but as the psalmist said, “God is within her, she will not fall.” So happy birthday to this woman who exemplifies compassion. Thank you for your vision and calling for the people of Guatemala. Thank you for making each child feel loved. God bless you always as you continue to dream big dreams!